E-commerce Websites Target Millennials for Success

Millennials are the largest demographic in the United States and they’re proving to be an economic force. If you ignore them, you do it at your peril. In just five short years, they will be the majority of the workforce! But how can e-commerce websites target Millennials?

It’s not easy but here are a few tips:

– Use bright colors: Millennials are attracted to color and vibrancy. So use it in your website design to draw them in.

– Keep it simple: They’re busy and don’t have time for complicated websites. Keep your design clean and uncluttered, with easy-to-navigate menus.

– Appeal to their social side: Millennials thrive on social media and like to share. Make it easy for them by embedding options into your website design that will allow them to link to their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest accounts and post product links and reviews there.

– Be mobile-ready: If you’re not already optimized for all devices including smartphones and tablets, you’re behind the times. Millennials are always on the go and they want to be able to shop from anywhere, anytime.

– Use humor: A little lighthearted fun never hurt anyone. Add some personality to your website design with quirky fonts, funny images, or tongue-in-cheek copy.

If you can incorporate these tips into your e-commerce website design, you’ll be well on your way to reaching the Millennial market.

Still not convinced? Here are some e-commerce statistics related to Millenials:

– In 2015, US e-commerce sales totaled $341.99 billion and are projected to reach $463.46 billion by 2020. A large percentage of this growth is being driven by Millennial shoppers.

– Millennials account for 27% of all online purchases, making them the most important shopper group online.

– They are expected to spend $200 billion online by 2020.

– Millennials spent an average of $57 on apparel in 2014, nearly twice the amount of Gen Xers and four times that of Baby Boomers.

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