How to Create an Instagram Aesthetic: the 6 Keys

Have you ever thought about how your Instagram feed reflects your brand? If not, it’s time to start. An established aesthetic on Instagram is what turns casual scrollers-by into avid followers. But first, what is an aesthetic? And just like in the fine art world, your business’ Instagram “gallery” of images needs careful curation in order to present a holistic impression when exhibited: a unique aesthetic. This blog will discuss 6 Ways to Create an Instagram Aesthetic: Choose a Theme That Reflects Your Brand, Decide on Your Color Palette, Use the Power of Editing, Maintain Balance on Your Instagram Feed, Plan Ahead and Schedule Automatic Posting, and Don’t Forget Your Insta Stories.

Choosing a Theme That Reflects Your Brand:

The first way to create an Instagram aesthetic is to choose a theme that reflects your brand. This could be anything from colors and filters to specific subjects or poses you want to feature. If you’re not sure where to start, take a look at your company’s logo and website. What colors are used on your site and in your logo? Try to use those same colors or similar shades in your Instagram posts. This will help create a cohesive look across all of your social media platforms, which is important for branding purposes.

Deciding on Your Color Palette:

Once you’ve chosen a color theme, it’s time to decide on your color palette. This is simply a list of colors that you will use in your posts. You can choose as few or as many colors as you want, but it’s important to be consistent with them so that your feed looks polished and professional. If you’re having trouble choosing colors, ask yourself what colors best represent your brand.

Use the Power of Editing:

Filters are a great way to create an Instagram aesthetic using editing tools. Different filters can change the mood and tone of your photo in different ways and result in vastly different looks based on the same subject matter. Try experimenting with more than one filter at once. You can also try using multiple filter options on one image to create a more complex and layered look.

Maintain Balance on Your Instagram Feed:

The best way to maintain balance in your feed is by being consistent with the number of posts from each category, such as photos versus videos or text-only posts. Try not to post any single type of content more than three times in a row. This will help keep your feed looking balanced and polished.

Plan Ahead and Schedule Automatic Posting:

One way to ensure that your Instagram aesthetic is always on point is by planning ahead and scheduling automatic posting. This can be done using a tool like Hootsuite or Sprout Social, depending on your social media platform preferences. This way, you can set it and forget it until posts are ready to go out at the designated time.

Don’t Forget Your Instagram Stories:

Finally, don’t forget about your stories! It may seem that they aren’t as important since they disappear within 24 hours, but a growing number of users are checking their stories at least once a day. Your Instagram Stories can be used to reflect your brand and further develop an aesthetic for your business’ feed. Since the content is temporary, it’s best to post things that you wouldn’t mind not having around forever (like behind-the-scenes footage)

We hope this blog was helpful! Hopefully, we’ll continue to see YOUR brand grow on Instagram in some big ways in the very near future!


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