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You Need Captivating Photos on Your Website

You’ve heard the expression, “A picture’s worth a thousand words.” 

Well, when it comes to your website strategy, photos steal the mic. The reality is, you could have the best copy in the world, edited by Shakespeare himself, but if you don’t utilize the power of the photo, you’re letting your customers’ experience on your website take a hit.

You’re probably thinking, “Brandan, how could a photo be more important than my message? What about my mission statement? Or my company’s amazing story?”

You’re not alone if you’re asking those types of questions.

Almost every business owner has wrestled with that tension to some degree or another. And I get it. You want to tell your story. You want to talk about your amazing company and how you started from humble beginnings. But the reality is, your customer doesn’t want to be part of a story where you’re the hero. They want to be the hero.

If you decide to paint the splash page of your website with several paragraphs of copy about your company, you’re going to lose your customer. Think about it. When’s the last time you sifted through four entire paragraphs about a company’s mission statement or origin story on a website?

What will really peak your customer’s interest and “make the sale” is triggering emotion — visually. By placing a high quality, beautifully taken photograph of a “happy customer” using your product on the splash page of your website, you’ll make your customer think, “Wow. Look how happy that person is using this company. I want to be happy like that, too.” Now, they won’t actually say that, but they’ll feel it.

Roofing companies don’t sell roofs. So don’t put a picture of a lone roof on the front page of your website. Roofing companies sell convenience for the single mom who doesn’t know how to repair her roof and wouldn’t have time to, even if she did know how.

Baked goods companies don’t sell cookies or brownies. They sell smiles and laughter and joy to people who purchase their products.

Don’t just tell people why they’ll be happy they used your product or service — show them.

By making a high quality, beautifully captured photograph of a happy customer using your product the first thing that customers see when they visit, you’re sure to increase sales and gain trust and credibility with your customers.

If this blog made you think differently about your website strategy, leave a comment down below! I’d love to hear from you. I’d also love to know what blog topics you’d like to read about next.

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