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3 Ways to Organically Improve Your SEO

I can’t tell you how many business owners have asked me, “How do I get my website to pop up first on Google?” 

What they are really asking is “How do I improve my website’s search engine optimization?”

Well, you can pay a SEO specialist a few hundred dollars / month to increase your site’s SEO, but there are also some practical things that you can do today to organically increase your website’s search engine optimization.

Number 1: Start A Blog

The fact is, your website will be much more likely to be found on google if you have a lot of rich, specific & relevant keywords. For instance, if i’m a plumbing company in Lakeland, Florida, it’s not enough to have a beautiful home page and gallery. I need to write blogs about projects that I’m working on, being intentional to include keywords related to the services I do, the location that I’m servicing, and anything else that someone may search for on Google. So, if I did a plumbing job for a Christian school and I write post about it, I’ll be more likely to show up in google if someone searches “Plumber for schools near me.”

Many people underestimate the power of blog posts, but it’s a great way to increase the strategic keywords on your website. This s a great way to become more searchable on google. 

Number 2: Get More Back-Links

The second way that you can organically improve your website’s organic SEO is to get more back-links. So what is a back-link? A back-link is a link to your website’s url from someone else’s website. There are a few reasons why this can be helpful. One reason is because people are more likely to visit your website if a link to it is all over the place on different websites, blogs, etc. The other reason is because google will find your site to be more reputable if it has more back-links pointing back to it. Try getting your website featured and mentioned on other blogs and websites to organically improve your website’s SEO.

Number 3: Get As Many Google Reviews As You Can

The third and perhaps most important of these three tips on how to increase the organic SEO on your website is to get as many Google reviews as you can. In a similar fashion to the previous tip, the more Google reviews, especially positive google reviews, you have on Google My Business, the more reputable Google will find your website to be, giving you a higher chance for your website to show up first on Google. Now, how do you get Google reviews? Just ask! People don’t mind giving you a great review if you do a great job for them. Don’t be afraid to ask. If you want, you can even give customers an incentive such as a discount on their next project they book with you if they leave you a Google review.

I hope these tips on how to improve your website’s organic SEO have been helpful. If you implement these strategies on your website and put in the work, I’m confident that they will help you and your business to increase sales and customer engagement. 

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After reading through this resource, we’re confident you will be one step closer to closing more sales, getting more donations, and growing your tribe of raving fans.